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ENABLING BETTER SERVICE IN REAL-TIME In today’s competitive market, you’re challenged to optimize resources to reduce overhead, yet still find ways to continually improve service value, delivery, and to generate new revenue.

We help Enterprises stay connected to their back office systems (e.g., ERP, SCM, CRM) in real time. We have the technology to move you beyond laptops, beyond Blackberry’s™ and into a new frontier of  portability and profitability – achieving real time interaction with the enterprise.

Our Enterprise Mobile solutions help organizations equip their workers (e.g., Field service technicians, delivery people, inspectors, public service, sales associates, collections representatives, health care providers, warehouse workers) to greatly improve their efficiency and productivity.  Mobile Enterprise Solutions  helps you to do more with less by giving every field employee, real-time knowledge and backend systems data.

With  a  flexible  and  scalable  architecture,  our mobile enterprise solution is designed to seamlessly integrate and leverage your existing business systems.  You get the core  components  you  need  to  run  your  business tailored to meet your present needs – all while giving you room to grow.

Our unique  technology    –    a    new communications    framework    that    overcomes    the inherent limitations of standard networks – powerfully compresses and encrypts data so it can be exchanged reliably with mobile devices over any public network.  Running 300 users is not the same as running 3000.  Our technology provides  continuous scalability  without  having to   build   a   backend   server  farm.

Job Scheduling Return Tracking
Parts Availability

Dynamic Routing

Warranty Validation Payment Validation
Workforce Visibility

Field Reservations

Mortgage Collections Asset Tracking
Extended Service Offerings

Inventory Control

Policy Issuance Claims Validation

Real-time signature collection and communication enables fa stand accurate billing cycles

Our mobile  field  force  automation  and  communications  solutions  enable businesses to dramatically improve customer service and retention and reduce operating costs in real-time.  We’re  all  about  increasing  customer  satisfaction  and improving  visibility,  performance  and communication  –  and  ultimately  maximizing  your  bottom  line.  We deliver real-time  information  for real-time decisions.



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