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Infologix provides high performance Business Process Outsourcing solutions to clients in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

From customer acquisition to customer service, from technical support to Customer win-back, we can improve your back office effectiveness and efficiency.  By partnering with Infologix, you can reach the next level of performance and improve your bottom line.

Customer Contact Center
Infologix Customer Contact Center agents are dedicated to a single customer account and are trained in your culture to create a seamless extension of our organization.  Inbound and outbound programs are available, which may include complex processing tasks or simple help desk services.

Infologix’s training and consulting team regularly runs Accent Neutralization and Business Etiquette classes for its Customer Contact Center agents and managers, ensuring services are delivered in an efficient manner that makes your customers feel at ease.

Claims Administration
Infologix claims administration services range from simple claims entry to highly complex end-to-end process management.  Processing activities are directly connected to a Contact Center program for follow up.

Infologix applies world-class quality standards and continuous improvement cycles to match or exceed your organization’s current performance levels.

Document Management
Paper-based files consume time, space, and resources.  Infologix can transform your critical, paper-based files into indexed, electronic images that can be searched and viewed right from your desktop.  Infologix can provide your organization with the software, human resources, and hardware to support your complete document management needs.  Let us make your documents work for you.

Medical Solutions
Administrative and back-office requirements represent an extensive and expensive burden to health care professionals.  Infologix’s specialized medical solutions relieve these burdens by tackling the entire medical revenue lifecycle.   Individually, our services manage critical areas of your business with quality and efficiency.  Together, they help you maximize productivity and revenue while reducing costs, leaving you free to focus on superior patient care.  Infologix is committed to delivering patient friendly, EDI and HIPPA statements and customer service to statements and customer service to exceptional productivity and managed compliance, Infologix helps you efficiently manage your information and finances.

Infologix provides other data transition processing services such as outsourced investor services, insurance Policy management and human resources support services.  Value added data and support services include account services, policy mailing, literature mailing, response letter, address change, certificate issuance and coverage verification.

Infologix also provides e-mail response services for customer queries.  Infologix team is geared to address general customer enquiries as well as technical issues.

For industry specific back office solutions call us or visit us online at

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The Infologix Advantage
Our contact center solutions can help you:

  • Grow your customer base
  • Drive more revenue from your customers
  • Keep your customers loyal
  • Reach the right balance between
  • Onshore and offshore
  • Fine-tune your inbound outbound programs With our powerful datacenter capabilities
  • Focus on growth

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Claims Administration
Document Management
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Technical Support
Customer Service
Account Management
Claims Processing
Contract/Policy validation
Correspondence Management
Collections follow-up
Document Imaging & Conversion
Database Design & Population
Search & Retrieval
Medical Transcription
Medical Code
Billing / AR Management


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